Create, connect, have fun, and change the world.

I have finally done it, put pen to paper, in sunny Hertfordshire, UK.

I have enjoyed the stories and wonderful creativity from all of you here on Medium for some months now and finally plucked up the courage, motivation, and commitment to contribute and share.

I am a husband, father, son, brother, overall family man, and human being navigating life’s rich tapestry on this planet spinning through space. I gravitate to seeking balance in my life and living a more wholesome, meaningful, and fulfilling existence. Finding flow in everything I do. I enjoy spending my time outdoors, with nature as much as possible, meditating, yoga, walking, running, cycling, swimming, snowboarding, or kayaking.

Each morning I enjoy the serenity and peace from maintaining a morning routine of yoga, meditation, reading, and journaling, setting me up for the day. It provides me the tools to handle the life challenges thrown my way.

With a busy mind, I am always considering the endless possibilities for the future. An insatiable desire to make the world a better place for me, my family, every living being, and, well, the planet! Having an outlet other than my personal journal will, I hope, motivate, and encourage me to continue to learn, to create, to connect, to have some fun, and to help change the world.

I hope you join me.

Big love,

James Daniel